Program Objectives

Akwe:go Indigenous Aboriginal Children’s program is specifically designed to provide urban Indigenous between the ages of 7-12 with the support, tools, and healthy activities that will build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices.

Program Overview

  • General Social Supports
  • Health and Physical Development Support
  • Institutional Interventions
  • Violence Prevention Supports
  • Support Services for Children with Disabilities (FAS/FASD)
  • Supports for Children in Care, or at risk of being in the care of a children’s aid society
General Social Supports
  • Facilitates the assessment of required services and identifies areas of difficulties experienced by program clients
  • Includes an after school component which provides a safe and structured environment in which children can relax, play, and or complete homework
  • facilitates support circles and counselling
Health and Physical Developments Support
  • Provide nutritious meals and snacks
  • Incorporate teachings and learning activities to enable informed and healthy choices
  • Provide safe and healthy opportunities in which children can enjoy physical activity
Institutional Interventions
  • Provide the provision of supervision and school suspension supports
  • Provide the development of activities that encourage a change in behaviour/relationship towards their peers and authorities
  • Provide facilitation of, or direct access to, education support services for children
Violence Prevention Supports
  • Assisting children and youth development through increasing life skills, safety awareness and anti-violence training
  • Support circles, one-to-one and peer counselling
Support Services for Children with Disabilities (FAS/FASD)
  • Incorporate a parent-support component, which can provide basic coping skills, tools, and preventative education
  • Tutoring and mentoring program for children who have such challenges
Supports for Children in Care, or at risk of being in the care of children’s aid society
  • Include outreach component for children in care who may not have access to their culture
  • Increase support and culturally appropriate services to non-Indigenous adoptive/foster families of Indigenous Children

Program Ages: 7-12 years