Healing & Wellness

Healing and Wellness Coordinators provide support to community members through family violence support services, individual healing and wellness needs, accessing traditional services and supports. These services are available on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting where action plans are developed to help meet the short-term and long-term goals of participants.

Healing and Wellness also provide advocacy, empowerment and knowledge.


Services for individuals include one-to-one holistic counselling, crisis intervention, management, stabilization and prevention, advocacy and external representation for various purposes such as family and children services, probation, housing, health, justice and treatment. Individuals may also bring a family member or other worker to sessions including couples’ or family counselling. Healing and Wellness also has many resources and provides referrals to programming within the friendship centre and or community network.

School-age Individuals

For younger clients, one-to-one holistic counselling services are available at local schools.


There are many group activities.

Traditional Parenting

This program is designed to be flexible and follow group dynamics. The first part is meant to make participants aware of their and their children’s place in the bigger picture. In order to accomplish this, the workshop starts by taking the participants on a journey beginning with their own childhood so they may once again find the gift of the infant—joy. Progressing through the workshop will bring participants along through the stages and provide hope and meaning along their own personal journeys as they learn about the life cycle teachings and life stages as well as the Medicine Wheel.

Unity Group

The name implies Unity as in commUNITY, as in “it takes a community to raise a child”. When the group meets they usually have a sharing circle as well as a guest speaker. The goal is to empower families to advocate for each other and to learn of resources that are helpful in keeping families together.


Healing and Wellness also provides space and support for various programs such as weekly AA meeting, Talking Together circles, and Restorative Justice collaboration with Nsihnawbe-Aski Nation Legal Services.

Networking and Partnerships

Healing and Wellness is committed to the vision of local and district committees and boards that better serve the needs of the community. These engagements include North Cochrane District Family Violence Network; Grand-Nord Legal Clinic; and Aboriginal Justice Strategy. Partnerships and cooperation with agencies are common for example meeting together for the benefit of shared clients with agencies like North-Corahcane Addiction Services and Habitat Interlude, the latter having presented various programs for women and children at our centre and encouraging Traditional teachings to be integrated within the course content and delivery.