We are located on the Moose Cree First Nation Homelands. You are a treaty partner under Treaty No. 9. The Town of Kapuskasing is situated on the Kapuskasing River which is a part of the Moose River Basin or Watershed. Kapuskasing would not be here without the signing of Treaty No. 9. We are Treaty partners.

Treaties are Nation-to-Nation agreements. Although Crown Representatives, Canada, and Ontario for Treaty No. 9, are reluctant to recognize this fact, many First Nations continue to stand their ground and assert their Nationhood in court to claim Human Rights, Treaty Rights, and Inherent Rights.

Please visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/treaties to learn more about the many treaties in Ontario from a non-Indigenous perspective. You are encouraged to learn about this integral part of our journey together from different perspectives as well.

There are other resources for learning more about treaties in Canada that are outside the non-Indigenous ethnocentric view of the treaties made in Canada. A simple web search for “Treaties in Canada with First Nations” will provide you with a nice start in your journey in recognizing our shared history.